1. Marine Engine and Turbochargers Spares

    • We supply Genuine, OEM, Replacement, Reconditioned and Recycled Spare Parts of all makes from Europe, Japan, Korea or China.
      The Recycled Parts and machinery are supplied from India, Bangladesh or Pakistan Ship Recycling yards.

  2. Marine Equipment and Auxiliary Machinery Spares

    • We supply spares parts and machinery of genuine, OEM, Replacement and good condition Recycled parts of all kinds and makes of Shipboard Pumps, Purifiers, Compressors, Deck Machineries, Deck Mountings, Nav Com & Bridge Equipment, Galley Equipment, LSA & FFA items, Heat Exchangers, Air Con and Refrigeration Units, Electrical items and Motors, Hydraulic Items and Equipment, Valves and Valve Seats, Cryogenic Equipment & its Parts including Valves, Mooring Equipment including Ropes, wires & Tails, Mechanical Seals, Filters, Hermatic Tapes, Instrumentation gauges etc.
      Our Supplies are based from Europe, Japan, Korea and China, Singapore, India.
      For all our supply, we ensure to meet correct specification of particular make and type.

  3. Hydraulics Equipment and Spares

    • Get in touch with us for all kind of Ship Board Hydraulics Equipment Supply and Spares parts of makes from Europe, Japan & China.
      We are able to supply Genuine and also Reconditioned Parts with Warranty.

  4. Electrical Parts

    • Supply of Electrical Motors, Panels, Relays, Fixtures, Intrinsically Safe Items, Contactors, PCBs, Automation and Control Items, AMS Modules, Galley, Fire Detection System and any other Electrical Parts, Boiler/IG Electrodes, Ignition transformers and any other electrical Equipment used on Board Vessels.

  5. NavCom Equipment and Spares

    • Supply of any kind of the Bridge Equipment or its spares.
      We also have stockiest of Reconditioned and tested items of these supplies to fulfill vessel’s requirements and immediate need.


Through our Own Partners we arrange all kinds of Ship Repairs at Ports of India, Singapore & UAE.

  1. Marine Engines and Turbochargers

    • Repairs and Overhauling of all Kinds of Marine Engines either in Port, Dry Docking or during sailing.
      Exclusive Services including the Fuel Pumps Overhauling, Piston Reconditioning, Crankshaft Alignment.
      Turbochargers Overhauling, Blasting and balancing in ports of Singapore, UAE, India, China.
      •     Overhaul & Calibrate Fuel components, Turbo Charger, Governor Etc
      •    Repair Team to complete Overhauling at Port, Anchorage & Voyage
      •    Service Engineers and Fitters to assist Vessel Crew/Maker Service Engineer for such works

  2. Hydraulic Equipment

    • For Hydraulic Products and Services, we:
      •    Supply of Genuine Original, Hydraulic units, spare parts and reconditioned units, with warranty.
      •    Overhauling and Repair of Hydraulic Components (Pumps, Motors, Cylinders, Control Valves
      •    Design & Manufacture Hydraulic Power pack as per customer’s application.
      •    Hydraulic System condition Evaluation and Improvement schemes
      •    Non Comprehensive Maintenance contract for Hydraulic systems
      •    Testing and Certification of hydraulic units including high pressure piston pumps, motors, cylinders & valves etc.
      •    On Site Services - Flushing of Hydraulics Systems, Purification of Hydraulic oil to NASS Value <10


  3. Electrical Repairs

    • Any Kind of Electrical Repairs including Motor Rewinding & Reconditioning, PCB repairs, On Board trouble shooting, Thermal Imaging etc.

  4. Boilers

    • Mechanical and Electrical Repairs at Port Stay or Dry dock or during voyage.
      •    Retubing of water tube or fire tube boilers, air pre-heaters, economizers, super heater element, heat exchangers condensers tube bundles.
      •    Plugging of leaks.
      •    Replacement or repair of tube plates.
      •    Tube Replacement.
      •    Access Tube repair or replacement.
      •    Furnace tube repair or replacement.
      •    Replacement of mud or manhole rings,
      •    Casing repairs or replacement.
      •    Boiler section replacement.
      •    Service & Refurbishing of Boiler Mountings
      •    Refractory / firebrick sales and service to fire tube, water tube and boilers.
      Mechanical & chemical cleaning using High Pressure Jet Washing Machine
      We arrange quick service and solutions in Boiler automation and controls that improve the operation of your boilers. We have the expertise to help you get your boilers running at peak efficiency with maximum energy savings and lower emissions levels. We offer combustion controls, drum level controls, burner management, etc.

      Boiler Automaton and controls in the Far East, Middle East and African region.

  5. Instrumentation and Calibration

    • Specialized team for the calibration of all instrumentation and gauges serving on Indian and Singapore ports.
      Calibrate and certify the UTI Tapes, OWS 15PPM, ODME etc at ports in Singapore, UAE & India.

  6. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging

    • Reliable Class approved UT Measurement and gauging team to work globally at a very economical cost.